August 15th sees us begin

And before I can pick up the pen,

 So many vivid memories already line the page

You wouldn’t believe it, the way things change

A place tearing at the seams with so many hopes and dreams

Something along the lines of life isn’t what it seems

I’ve come so far just to be pushed right in that hole

I fought so hard to get back all that you stole

What dust lies beneath, the rain came, just see how it took it all away from me

The darkest night sliced by the cold light

Taking back my body

It’s my life that I’m defending

Can you hear the shouts

A call for revolution I’m sending

The stars are guiding me there,

I can almost see the ending

I can feel the glow again,

The hole is mending

With the sun on my face,

I can finally stop pretending

Late night, a feelings repeat

Feel the flames nipping at my feet

Light breaks through my window

In the way it does every night

I jump out of my body into the feelings of that night

And I’ll take that night back if I have to rip it from his greedy hands

If no one understands, you can always hold my hand

I won’t be forever here, weighed down by what you’ve said

While you walk free and talk about how I’ve made a mess

Like the rising sun, your burning flames will dry my falling tears, with you I’ll spend my years

Lift your chin to the sky, and we can leave them all wondering why

Spell your name in the stars, helping me heal all my scars

Co-Writer by Laura Bullock and Erin Simard